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What is PPF (Paint Protection Film) ?





We’ve all seen the little stone guards car manufacturers use on wheel arches, the dull and discoloured film half way across a Supercars bonnet or perhaps the awful ”car bra’s”?

Actually Paint Protection Film or PPF was Initially Conceived and Developed by the US Military as a Way to Protect Helicopter Rotors and Other Sensitive Parts From Debris and Intrusions. The Thick Film was Applied on Leading Edges and Potential Impact Areas, Designed to be Hard Wearing and Easlily Replaced in an Environment Where Aesthetics were Far from a Necessity. As with So Many Days Modern Day Applications What Started as Military Technology Eventually Found its Way in to the Commercial Sector and Overall Several Decades has Slowly Developed into the Various Products We Have Today Protecting Our Cars.

 The Custom Kings PPF Film is Entirely Invisible, Not Only Does it Provide Protection from Chips, Abrasions and Environmental Factors but the Design, Fit and Appearance of Our Modern Films Actually Serves to Enhance the Look of Your Car While Protecting Your Investment.

Benefits of PPF ?





Our PPF protects your paintwork from chips, minor scuffs and scrapes, environmental factors such as bug splatter and protects the finish against defects from poor washing techniques.

Self  Healing

Our PPF has a self healing layer. Stone chips, scuffs, scratches and swirls that don’t penetrate this layer disappear with the application of heat from hot tap water or even just the sun.


Our PPF has a superior optical clarity and is very easy to maintain. When looked after correctly it gives a depth of shine like freshly detailed paint for many years.


If a panel needs replacing, you won’t be off the road for long. Most panels can be replaced within a couple of hours – unlike traditional paint repairs, which often take days or even weeks.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) for Bike/Car in Bangalore

1.All-Round Protection of Body Surface from Damage

It can avoid the bruises caused by flying sand and stones, and solve the worries in the process of high-speed driving.Anti-accidental scratch (it can protect the paint from scratches when the car is slightly scratched during parking or driving).

2.Make The Car’s Surface Shiny for A Long Time

Excellent anti-permeability and corrosion resistance, good protection against acid rain, asphalt, insect resin, leaf spots, bird droppings and other stains penetration and corrosion. So that the car surface does not produce spots and matting and other undesirable phenomena.

3.Enhance The Surface Brightness of Car Paint

Increases the brightness of the paint by 40% and stays bright for a long time. Avoid the cost of waxing and sealing glaze.

4.Scratch Resistant

The surface of the product is coated with a layer of elastic memory repair coating, with self-repair function, for the scratch caused by the driver can be quickly self-repair, without follow-up maintenance.

5.Long Protection Against Fading of Car Paint

The product has super anti-ultraviolet function and 10 years of stable performance, can protect the car paint from oxidation and fading for a long time.

6.High Hydrophobicity

With super anti-pollution ability, it can make the car paint surface protective film shrink the water into water droplets, so that the liquid is not easy to remain, to prevent the formation of scale after the pollution of car paint. The normal car needs to be cleaned every two weeks, and the hydrophobic car can reduce the number of times, difficulty and cycle of car and clothing care, can maintain the lasting appearance of the paint surface, improve the service life.

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