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Paint Protection Film

CK PPF Comes with Self healing porperties – forget about scratches now. High gloss & hydrophobic. Protects your ride from Uv Rays, Harsh weather, corrosion, oxidation.

Ceramic Coating

Give your Bike a new    Glossy look. Protects against Uv Rays, Harsh weather, corrosion, oxidation,  9h Hardness, Self cleaning properties.

Bike Detailing

Restore your bikes Lustre & shine. Your Bike Paint Oxidises Overtime, due to Expose to sunlight As well as severe Environmental factors.

Quick Wash

A basic wash for the Upkneep of your bike. To get rid of dust, dirt & grime.

Bike Detailing

Whilst repairing is an essential part of maintaining your motorcycle. Every day use in our Indian conditions can be harmful and daunting on your paintwork. Preserving your paint and shine is of utmost importance and of course a feel-good factor always. Our bike detailing and polishing department will ensure that your bike stays looking fresh and protective over a long period of time. We have a number of tailored products and services to choose from, please contact us with details of your bike and condition, for the best possible solution. We have best bike care products in India, first-ever exclusive range of products for motorcycles, including special cleaners, brushes and tools etc. We also have special team of detailers who are expert in motorcycle detailing.

Service Highlights

• Teflon Coating, Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Treatment and more. • Accept all forms of payment including American Express and credit cards. • Fully equipped team, equipment and van meet you at your venue. • Open Monday to Saturday. • Hassle free home service. (Available in Pune and Mumbai). • Counter sales for polishing products – Bulk orders also accepted.


Suitable for small and large bikes/motorcycle • Space conscious design • Suitable for small and large bikes/motorcycle • Wash duration: ~2-4 minutes • Variety of washing program choices • Can be easily installed – requires only water, power and air connections • Environmentally friendly

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