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  • The vehicle is washed using Snow Foam
  • Wheels and tyres are cleaned
  • Wheel arches and lower sections are cleaned
  • Iron decontamination is done to remove iron particles lodged in the surface
  • Tar, road grime and bug marks are removed
  • Various lighting is used to establish the condition of the paint
  • Paint thickness is measured using a digital paint depth gauge
  • Paint is treated with a clay bar to remove bonded surface contaminants
  • Paint is treated to a 4-5 stage paint correction to remove 90-95% of scratches & imperfections
  • Chrome, stainless steel and plastics are deep cleaned
  • All the light clusters are cleaned and polished for water spots and imperfections
  • 1 Layer of CQUARTZ CQUARTZ UK 3.0 ceramic coating applied on the paint
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Coating applied on exterior plastics and chrome
  • 1 layers of Ceramic Coating applied on the wheels
  • 1 Layer of premium dressing is applied on the tyres
  • 1 Layer of premium dressing is applied on the engine
  • 1 Free Wash after 7 days from the date of application